The Panic Division: Eternalism

The Panic Division: Eternalism Album Art


Released: 02/07/2012

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To call me a fan of The Panic Division would be a massive understatement. Whether it’s their loop-driven, aggressive pop anthems on debut “Versus” or the 80’s-influenced “Songs from the Glasshouse,” The Panic Division have a sound that’s accessibly refreshing.

Colton Holliday is the songwriter and mastermind behind the Panic Division, self-producing all of the tracks with tireless effort. If “Songs” was any indication Holliday ready for something big, “Eternalism” is his defining effort. The album’s kick off is huge, jammed with soaring guitar leads, a supercharged chorus, and all-too catchy vocals from the experienced Holliday.

Where “Glasshouse” lent itself to an often more mellow, electronic-tinged pop songs, “Eternalism” takes a return to form; the songs are intense, aggressive, and loud. Tempos are increased, the loops are more intense, and overall, the sound is polished and thick. Perhaps the strongest points on this album are set forth in moments like the chorus on “No Power Great Enough,” where the textures and rhythms are mixed to perfection; the sound is intense, textured, and all the while interesting and accessible.

“Eternalism” is undeniably The Panic Division’s most complete and thorough effort; no song is stronger than the next. The energy on this record is finally at the point where fans of “Versus” can take note; but the electronic, 80’s flavored riffs and vocal melodies via powerful choruses will satisfy fans of their prior “Glasshouse” LP.

Personal favorite moments include the intense yelps on “Bleed” or the loud, blistering guitars and strained vocals to match on “Easier,” where Holliday sounds refreshed, charged, and all the while within the comfortable confines of his abilities.

Andrew Martin

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  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to getting this! Seems like forever since their last album.

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