Sound City – Real to Reel

Sound City – Real to Reel Album Art


Released: 03/12/2013

Genre: ,

There is an appropriate feeling to the fact that Dave Grohl gathered together an uncanny amount of musicians for the soundtrack to this documentary. Sound City is less about the album and more about the documentary. Still, even the album as a standalone is a sign of the times of how rock music has evolved and changed over the years. It is almost an appropriate soundtrack to the evolution of Dave Grohl as a musician over the course of his career.

With guests that range from Paul McCartney to Stevie Nicks to Trent Reznor, the album mainly shows how great Dave Grohl truly is as a musician and how much he appreciates music. The songs on Sound City weren’t tinkered with for hours on end like most albums which is both its blessing and its downfall.

While all of the lineups on each song are “supergroups”, they aren’t up to par with any of their respective work. But who’s to say that this should be as good? We simply get the honor of hearing what goes on when all these titans get together. As long as you are not looking for the first single on the album, the Sound City soundtrack should be required listening for anyone interested in rock and roll.

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