Psychic Babble – My Brother’s Ears/My Sister’s Eyes

Psychic Babble – My Brother’s Ears/My Sister’s Eyes Album Art


Released: 08/16/2011

Side projects are a dime-a-dozen these days and just like a large majority of the current independent music scene, they aren’t worth my time. The issue I have with the latter is the lack of originality and the problem with the former is many sound too close to [insert name]‘s day job. Psychic Babble, Colin Frangicetto of Circa Survive’s new project, luckily does not suffer from the “side-project” dilemma.

After circulating demos and works-in-progress to the public over the past few years, Colin finally culled a collection of 10 songs that while not all individually distinct, still exude their own vibrations. He takes the shoegaze genre, which all of the songs tend to soak in to differing degrees, and puts an interesting twist on it. Instead of the melancholy mood the genre usually conveys, the songs are almost summer pop songs in shoegaze clothing. The lyrics also aid the music in creating this distinct dichotomy. The songs serve as a window into his thoughts and a mirror into his heart. He sings candidly about his relationship with his wife (specifically in “Samantha” and in other spots as well) and his disregard for sleep ["Five Fold Kiss (Don't Sleep)"]. He includes small spoken word interludes that give an extra personal touch.

The biggest gripe I usual have with side-projects is the aforementioned commonality of sounding too close to the music they make in their full-time projects. Colin definitely takes a large step out of the shadow of Circa to create his own sound. After playing the album for the first time to a close friend and asking her to guess what band Colin was more well-known for, she took almost 2 dozen guesses without getting close before finally giving up. While many will refer to My Brother’s Ears/My Sister’s Eyes as “that guy from Circa” new album, it serves a much more vital purpose. It is an assembly of works spanning the past decade that gives fans a better insight into Colin FROM Circa Survive, not simply Colin who is IN Circa Survive.

Matt Zimmerman

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