Daylight – Jar

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Released: 04/30/2013

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After a series of EPs, Daylight have finally arrived with their long-awaited Run For Cover Records debut LP, Jar. Where their earlier work favored a grittier more upbeat melodic post hardcore feel akin to bands like Title Fight, Jar showcases a darker more refined 2013 take on 90s grunge and alternative rock. Although label mates and the now defunct Basement touched on this concept on their final album last year, Daylight fully take the stylistic shift towards a grungier sound to fruition. Production duties helmed by Will Yip have the band sounding massive, and it is clear after one listen that the band put a lot of time, effort and thought into the full on rock assault they bring on Jar. Daylight had clearly studied their influences while writing and recording their debut, as their shift in style is clearly intentional while sounding completely natural; not an easy task to achieve. At the same time, they still manage to find their own identity, while putting a fresh perspective on a sound that faded many years ago. It’s refreshing to listen to a band that has such a clear understanding of where they want to take their sound, and not be afraid to do it.

The sonic layers on Jar run deep. Thick layers of distortion soaked chords accompany hard-hitting grooves, while always maintaining a strong sense of melody throughout each song. I can’t help but to feel nostalgic while listening, as I’m reminded of many of my favorite 90s CDs that played on repeat in my college dorm days. Vocally, this is by far their strongest work to date. There is a clear sense of confidence throughout the vocal delivery, displaying vocal range and harmonies that have never been heard on previous Daylight releases. On many of the songs throughout the record, bands like Seaweed, Hum, Nirvana, Quicksand, and Alice in Chains come to mind. Other times, elements of Helmet, The Smashing Pumpkins and The Foo Fighters shine through. One thing is clear though. Daylight still has a knack for writing melodic sing along hooks, and songs like In On It and Outside of Me are perfect examples of this.

With this release, Daylight should certainly gain the attention of many new fans, without alienating their old ones. No longer are they a scrappy upbeat melodic punk rock band that can be pigeonholed into one specific scene. Their genre crossing debut will have fans of 90s Grunge, Alt-Metal, Post Hardcore, Emo and Alternative Rock shouting along in no time. Be sure to pick up one of the better hard rock records of 2013. I promise you will not be disappointed!

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