Active Child: You Are All I See

Active Child: You Are All I See was selected as Best New Music on The Music, The Message. Active Child: You Are All I See Album Art


Released: 08/23/2011

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Active Child’s blend of ethereal, harp-driven electro beats and moody beats is at once intimate and orchestral. The “Curtis Lane” EP was and is a timeless display of creative songs that encounter dark, yet hopeful moods and beauty. “I’m In Your Church At Night,” the lead track on the EP, still remains the best song written by Pat Grossi to date. It’s beautiful and elegant, a majestic infusion of electronic and soulfulness.

That’s not to say Grossi’s debut LP misses its mark; instead, it forges into new territory and pushes the supposed genre even further. “Hanging On” might perfectly demonstrate Grossi’s ability to blend the high, soaring melodies of his harp with groovy, danceable basslines; his soaring vocal melodies are beautiful and captivating. The single, “Playing House” pushes the envelope into R&B territory, exploring the continued contrast between high, breathy vocals and punchy bass-lines.

The most enchanting and alluring moments on the record are revealed when Grossi returns to more familiar form, however; the album closer draws similarities to the powerful “Wilderness” closer on the last record. Sometimes, the record misses its mark, likely losing the attention span of most of us: for example, “Ivy” reveals a pensive, thoughtful crescendo and texture while the dark, strange robotics of “Way Too Fast” are mysterious, creepy, and ultimately a bit too strange. The cinematic grandeur that is Active Child is nearly overwhelming, and on “You Are All I See,” it seems that the best moments are often found when least expected. The most satisfaction will come to those who wait; and only the patient listener will experience the airy epics here.

Andrew Martin

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