Thoughts On The Final Rx Bandits Tour

I don’t know what to say…

I guess the first thing I’ll say is that their last 2 albums (okay, 3 because Resignation was one that broke me in) took them from a great local live band to the upper echeloned of the music community. I came in late to the Rx family of fans and I’m sure those who own the original Pharmaceutical Bandits cds will jump me in a dark alley for saying the blasphemous words I uttered in the first line. But truthfully, it wasn’t just about the music with them. I mean, I can name you half a dozen other bands whose music I enjoyed more these past 8 years. I can’t however name you half as many groups of musicians whom I loved and respected more than them. They stood not only for good, boundary pushing music but for something more. They were the distilled essence of what a band is about; they respected music but more importantly they respected their fans, other musicians and life in general. They were the spark that set in motion one of… no, the best label out there today: Sargent House. They stood for all that was right in music. That’s difficult to do when the overwhelming trend is to conform to a popular sound and prototypical look.

From the murmurs around the campfire, the parts of Rx Bandits (Matt, Joe, Chris & Steve) will live on in new entities and with all the respect they’ve shown their fans and non-fans alike, we need to respect them and their wishes as they move forward. So this summer when they hit the road for the final time, let’s not mourn or pout. Rather, let’s go out there and celebrate the best live band around and have the best time we’ve ever had at a show. Not with mosh pits, pushing, and shoving but with hugs, laughs and smiles. Though Rx will not being a creative outlet for those 4 amazing musicians and men, their legacy will ALWAYS live on. -peace

“We’ve had enough of these military scoreboards, what we need right now is love” – Rx Bandits ‘Overcome (The Recapitulation)’

Matt Zimmerman

I have a bachelors in music enthusiasm with an emphasis on physical collection. If you'd like to know more about my major, see what I'm listening to at:

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