The Chain Gang of 1974: Bluebird Theatre

The Chain Gang of 1974, more properly known as Kamtin Mohager, have been playing music for a long time now. Dedication is not strong enough a word to depict the absolute love Kam has for playing music.  While most of us were doing the ordinary–going to college, getting jobs, and buying cars–Kam was writing music, playing shows, and loving every second of it.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to see TCGO74 play to a crowd at Lollapalooza, who started out luke warm and were quickly ignited by Kam’s charisma and energy.  His passion is unforgettable; flashes of bright smiles, laughs, and general giddiness  are met with emotionally charged yelps and vibrant energy.

On this warm August evening, Kam’s flashy style immediately charges the room with energy and a feeling of considerable joy.  It’s hard not to be enveloped and charged by Kam’s positive energy, which he evokes proudly.  Stretching out his legs and reaching up to the mic, he excitedly but cooly chants, “You got me on my knees….just slow down…” Eventually, he shouts with joy, “It’s a heartbreak!” over the tightly wound electronic loops and effected vocals.

Being a long-time follower and supporter of Kam, his act has noticeably improved in the last few months–and this show reveals a newfound sense of ultimate professionalism.  His bandmates are insanely tight; the drummer plays with a sense of ease and guitar player sings literally perfectly while snapping to the riffs.  Their sound is full and tight, filling the room with dreamy crescendos and full textures; hardly the sound of a four piece.  All the while, Kam’s ecstatic energy and visible stage charisma keep the the crowd dancing and happy.

At last, it seems, The Chain Gang of 1974 are successfully filling venues with their explosive, inventive electronic / synth / 80’s rock fueled anthems.  It’s hard to think of where they will be this time next year–but I gawk at the thought of this band finding any room for improvement.

“Wayward Fire,” The Chain Gang of 1974’s debut full-length, came out a few months ago on Modern Art Records (a Warner imprint) and it’s apparent Kam and company are on their way straight to the top. Currently, he’s writing LP2 in Los Angeles.

Andrew Martin

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