Show Review: Jimmy Eat World, We Were Promised Jetpacks

Jimmy Eat World have been around for almost exactly as long as I’ve been listening to music, and, strangely, they seem to be weathered less than I have.  Playing a surprisingly small, not sold out show at the Ogden Theatre, the band defines experience, and in light of their new album coming out a short few days ago, it seemed as if they just released “Clarity” for the first time.  They looked young, vibrant, and genuinely excited and fresh.  I looked happy as ever, awkwardly stomping and dancing along to the familiar span of tracks starting from the Clarity days and tastefully covering their latter releases.  I was pleased to hear some personal favorites, however obvious they were; “For Me This Heaven” will always move me and sound brilliant.  It was amazing to hear their female vocalist sing along for the first time in my experience; Tom’s vocals were showcased on his new album contribution as well as a clear crowd pleaser “Blister”; “Goodbye Sky Harbor” was nearly as amazing as it was on the “Clarity” tour last year.

And, even in light of seeing “Clarity” in its entirety, it was amazing to once again hear “23” and “Work” again.  Noticeably, one might say, a few picks seemed skipped from the mix like “Kill” and “If You Don’t, Don’t,” but at the same time, there’s only so much time in the evening, and when your catalogue spans decades and more hits than I can even remember, I have to give them a little slack.

The clear highlights of the evening for me personally were the sincerely compassionate “Dizzy” and, from their new album (which I’m still only half and half on), “Evidence” (without the spectacular outro, to my chagrin)–the pinnacle of the night was the vocal outro on “Goodbye Sky Harbor,” in which Adkins excellently combated himself with a vocal loop machine.  And, as always, Adkins owned the mic, singing on point for literally the entire evening, and the band’s spectacular energy and attitude was quickly revealed by smiles and laughs on stage.  All that was missing, in my opinion, was a performance of “Invented,” the best song they’ve written in a long, long time.

While I’m writing this review, I’m listening this track, reminded once again that Jimmy Eat World are and will always be one of my favorite bands.  Their timeless, charming presentation and lasting appeal is only refreshed with every album…and seeing them last night only confirmed my motivation to keep Jimmy Eat World as one of the most timeless, classic bands I listen to on a regular basis.


Andrew Martin

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